Saving your scenes

When you've composed your first scene you may want to save itso you can re-open it to render or work on at a later date. Here's what to do:

1. Click on 'File' - this is top left of your screen:

2. Select 'Save as...' - by dragging your mouse down the list till it's highlighted, then click it:

3. Name the file and save to a location on your computer - Where it says 'File name' type in a name of your choice into the field. Go to the top of the window and select the triangle to browse to the location on your computer where you wish to save the file to. Hit the save button.

Tips :
  • If you decide you don't want to save just hit the 'Cancel' button located underneath the 'Save' button, or the red X at the top right of the window. And that's it:)
  • If you select 'Save' instead of 'Save As...' Bryce will overwrite the previous save.
  • It's a good idea to 'Save As' rather than Save if you are working on important or complex scenes. Bryce does crash sometimes. If you name the file with a number on the end, starting at 1 e.g 'myscene1' each time you select 'Save As..' Bryce will automatically allocate that file name with the number incremented by 1. E.g the next time I save Bryce will put in the name 'myscene2' in the File Name field for you. You can of course change it, but I find it a good way to prevent against loosing  work. If the scene' myscene3' crashes, I can always go back to 'myscene2' - that's not half as bad as loosing the whole scene file which could happen if I had just kept on overwriting the file with new saves by using 'Save'. You will find your own way of working but I strongly advise SAVE OFTEN! - Bryce does not have an autosave feature.
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  1. Good advice about the saving... I have a friend who's been complaining for YEARS about the crashes that ate her stuff... but she never learns to save lol. I'll try to be better :)