Bryce Basics has been set up as a resource for those of you out there who are beginners with Bryce from DAZ3D, and perhaps have no prior experience in using a 3d application.

You'll find tutorials on many of the basics such as getting around the user interface, how to move the camera, create objects, adjust sky settings, so that you can make simple scenes. Once you have gotten used to how Bryce works you can start exploring the more advanced options such as making materials in the materials labs, importing your own models, or making and saving your own skies. If there is a demand, and time allowing I will look to do some tutorials on these too.

The tutorials are listed below which you can also access via the page links on the right side of each page. I would strongly suggest working through tutorials 1- 4 first of all as these will help you make your first simple scenes with Bryce, but of course feel free to dip in anywhere and browse as you wish and need:

  1. The interface
  2. Camera and render controls overview
  3. The create palette - part 1
  4. The create palette - part 2
  5. Saving your scenes
  6. The Edit palette
  7. What is rendering?
  8. The Sky and Fog palette - part 1
  9. The Sky and Fog palette - part 2 
          Using Daz Studio with Bryce
          More advanced Bryce controls and features

The tutorials were made using Bryce 6.3 and 7 and Windows XP (the tutorials will be useful for older versions of Bryce too). You can get Bryce 5.5 free from download.cnet.com, but do bear in mind that older versions can be less stable. Remember your computer safety whenever downloading any programs from the internet - virus scan your downloads and then scan the programs once they have been installed on your computer before you run it

It can always be daunting to use a new application, and I hope you will find some of these tutorials helpful. Bryce is a great application and, in my opinion, much easier to start using than some of the more complicated 3d applications out there. If you want a software where you can import models , for example from Daz Studio , create scenes and render to create your own artwork designs, and even models, then you may find this application is what you are looking for. I hope you have as much fun with it as I do:)

Please do leave some constructive feedback by clicking on 'comments' at the end of the tutorials as this will help the tutorials, and the site , to improve. Thank you:)



  1. EvangelinaM

    Thank you so much for these tutorials. I have learnt so much already and will keep them handy for future reference. Just one small complaint. On some of the tutorials it was difficult to read the red text against the dark background. And one question. Is it better to use The Directors View or The Camera View?

  2. Hi Jack, thanks very much for your feedback, I will certainly try and make the text more legible for future tutorials. It's up to you what view you wish to use. The view from the Camera is the view that will be rendered though.I personally always use the camera view, as I can constantly see what the rendered scene will look like. There is no right or wrong way, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

  3. All the tuts listed ate not there anymore.

  4. Hi Evangeline. I'm a bit confused. Having decided that I would like to learn Bryce I searched on Google for tutorials and came up with 'Bryce Basics Beginners Tutorials for DAZ 3d's Bryce Software' I tried the first four links but found no content. What have I done wrong please?

  5. Hello Chameleon, I'm not quite sure I understand your problem. All the tutorials listed on this site are still active - I can't really comment on any links that show up in a Google search though - it's possible that some sites that have dead links still have the links showing up in a Google search.

  6. I've started the Bryce tutorials and gotten as far as Scene Building but my newly installed DAZ Studio 4.6 pro does not have the props that the tutorial refers to--Props>Stonemason>City Ruins. Do I have to buy additional content to follow the tutorial?

  7. Hi Charles, I'm not sure which tutorial you are referring to as I haven't used any Stonemason props in my tutorials here. As for DAZ Studio, I don't think any of Stonemason's props are included by default - you would have to purchase it.

  8. Many thanks for your helpful tutorials. I used Bryce many years ago, and am now re-learning it, thanks to this website.