Camera and render controls overview

So let's start with the controls on the left hand side of the screen. If you mouse over the control a tool tip will appear telling you what the control is. As you read on don't be afraid to switch to Bryce and try them out.

1. File Menu - for actions such as saving, importing, rendering, copying , pasting etc. Click on each of the headings now for a brief look - you will see a drop-down list appear when you do for various functions.

2. Camera memory dots -See the little green dot? And vertical row of white dots beneath it? You can save camera views to the white ones which are empty - just click on one and it will then turn green. To delete it press and hold 'Alt' on your keyboard and click on a green dot. The dot will turn white.  You can save as many views of the scene as there are empty dots. The green one at the top is always set as the default Bryce view.

3. The Nano preview. This shows a preview of your current scene from whichever camera view is currently selected.

4. Camera perspectives - these 3 icons, the chair, small circle and what looks like a little mountain are different camera perspectives, e.g perspective, front, back, left, right etc. in the viewport.

5 and 6. Camera controls. The set of 3 arrow icons control the x,y and z movement of the camera in the viewport. The ball with arrows on beneath them (the trackball) moves the camera in a 360 degree rotation. The two green dots in between these sets of controls are for field of view and banking the camera.

Go on - switch to your Bryce window now and have a quick play with these.It's the best way to understand what they do.

7. Render controls. We'll look at rendering in the tutorial What is rendering?, but basically to render your scene is to turn your 3D scene into an image.

8. Triangles - see the little downward pointing triangles down the right hand side of this
palette? If you click these you can get further options relating to the set of controls they are next to, or  alternative ways of of choosing the controls we have looked at.

9. Text/numbers - these will give you information about render time, number of objects and polygons in the scene, and other information, and also tells you the control you are mousing over.

So we have an idea of how to move the camera but we need something to view! Move on to
The Create Palette - part 1



  1. I'm looking forward to the next part. :D I know these are the MOST necessary items on the list of things I need to know, but the next part's going to be the fun one :P

    still, you definitely cleared up some questions for me regarding these controls. I played around with them a bit so I'll start getting them better understood as I go along. I love good tutorials!

    Thanks again, elvensong

  2. Definitely the best tutorial on matter !