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This page is dedicated to providing the little tips and tricks in Bryce that perhaps don't warrant a full tutorial but are great quick references when using Bryce. I'll add to these over time so do check back to see what's new!

  • You can change the colour and size of the marker pen:
To do this
1. Right click (or press M onyour keyboard) on the demo marker icon to activate it.
2. Then right-click again, but hold down your  mouse button either over  icon  on on the very top of the program interface (the blue title bar)  you will see a very simple colour picker appear at the top of the program interface, and a grey slider bar.
3. Keeping your mouse button held down move over to the colour you want and over the grey slider - moving the slider right increases the tip size of the marker.

 If you find you have let go of the mouse button and the colour picker dissapears just click at the top of the program window again and it will reapear (as long as you have activated the demo marker). Then you can write or draw over the Bryce interface. Unfortunately I can't get screenshots of this so I hope I've written enough for you to try it out.

  • Ctrl + right-click, shift+right+right-click creates squashed/stretched primitives
Pressing Ctrl when you click on any of sphere, cylinder, cube, pyramid, or cone creates them as shortened objects and creates 2D plane and circle lying flat on the ground plane (although there appears to be a bug with the 2D square as it does not appear when you render, even with a picutre applied):

Pressing Shift when selecting the primitives listed above creates them as stretched objects. Here's a simple render showing how they appear:

  • You can change the wireframe density of selected and static objects
This may help if Bryce starts to slow down if you have a lot of objects in your scene. You can change the resolution of when objects are selected and when they static (i.e. not selected). So for example you can set both to the same value or different values.:

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