Using Daz Studio with Bryce

As we've seen in the Edit palette tutorial Bryce has a number of textures and objects we can use in our scenes. However there are times when you need something more. That's where Daz Studio comes in. First of all it's free. I've been using it together with Bryce for a number of years now. Basically you can buy or find free models on the Internet which you can use in Daz Studio and then import into Bryce, fully textured. If you wish you can change the texture in Bryce to something of your own choosing.

So first of all if you haven't got Daz Studio go and get it from DAZ 3D (it's a reputable company, see the links page). Once you've got it loaded and have some models we can get to work with Bryce. This tutorial applies to both Bryce 6 and 7.The tutorial images were made using Bryce 6.   In Bryce 7 the DAZ Studio bridge button icon has changed but is still in the same place. Here we go...

1. Open Bryce - you can make adjustments to the sky or ground, add any objects you wish now, or later after you've imported the modes from Daz Studio.

2. Click the Daz Studio bridge button - this is top right of the screen. A dialogue window will appear:

3. Select the Daz Studio version you have installed on your computer - then click OK. Bryce will proceed to connect with Daz Studio. It may take a few minutes depending on your computer, so be patient:)

4. Load your models in Daz Studio - the Daz Studio interface will automatically open. Load the models you want in your scene. If you are working on poses or a complex scene you may wish to save the Daz Studio scene as you go along. If using Bryce 7 select the models you want to send to Bryce under the 'Scene' tab.

5. Export the models to Bryce -
Bryce 6:you can either select File>Return to Bryce, or just click the red 'X' (top right) to close Daz Studio and export the models.
Bryce 7: Select 'Send to Bryce'. The objects will not be sent to Bryce by clicking the 'X'.

6. Your models will be imported with their textures into Bryce. Using Bryce 6 Daz Studio will close and your Bryce interface will reappear. In Bryce 7 DAZ Studio  remains open until you choose to close it. 

  • Arrange your model's positions in Bryce, camera position, and and any other adjustments to sky or terrain etc. as you normally would do to finish your scene. Render to screen or disk, and don't forget to save often!
  • If you need to readjust a model's pose you can go back to Daz Studio by selecting the object in Bryce and then clicking the bridge button. The model will appear in Daz Studio and you can export it back to Bryce when you have finished, as before.
  • In Bryce 6 You can prevent models from returning to Daz and thus their original Daz Studio state by selecting the objects (they will turn red when selected ) then going to 'Objects>Break Daz Studio link. I find this useful if I've changed some objects in some way in Bryce but need to go back to Daz Studio to get further models and don't want the changed models to appear in Daz Studio and be reverted back to their original state, which is what would otherwise happen:

I've also found that there is less crashing of Bryce if I break the link with objects.



  1. My Bryce 6.3 installation does not find any DAZ Studio installation when i click the bridge button, i have installed studio in the same location as Bryce,can anybody help me?

  2. It's difficult to help without more information - are you getting an error message?
    DAZ Studio doesn't have to be installed in the same location as Bryce.

  3. I have Bryce 7 Pro, and DAZ Studio 4.5 Pro. There seems to be a problem with the bridge when I export from DS to Bryce. I create a character with clothing, hair, pose, props, and mats, and when I export to Bryce the DAZ Studio application crashes in the middle of exporting. This disables the Bryce interface so that I cannot even shut it down. I have to minimize to the task bar on my desk top, open Programs and Devices, find the Bryce application in the list and shut it down that way. If I do not save my work before this happens it is lost. I normally save respectively in both applications before trying to export from DAZ Studio to Bryce.
    Bryce to DAZ Studio does not usually have such problems, but materials and textures will not export from Bryce to DAZ Studio. It seems that the only program that will import objects with materials and textures from Bryce is another Bryce application.
    Anyway, I am at a loss to figure out what the problem is that causes the crash. It seems to have no rhyme or reason. Sometimes I can get a complex model to export from DS to Bryce. Other times even the most simple model will cause a crash. The only thing I can think of that might be the cause is that there must be some type of communication problem between them.
    Got any ideas about this?

  4. Having the same issues as Agent0013 tried loading Victoria 5 into Daz 4.5 then send to Bryce and it craps out. I am at a loss to understand the associated problem.....

  5. i use bryce 7.1 and DAZ studion 4.6. i was excited that the two can connect but wen i open my bryce and click on the button, nothin happens...just nothin. no error message or any attempt to connect. can anyone help pls?

  6. Hi folks. Well unfortunately the bridge doesn't seem to work as smoothly with more recent versions of DAZ Studio, I've had problems myself. There are a few suggestions over at the DAZ Bryce forum which you might like to check out:

    I don't think however there is currently a simple solution. If you are seeing crashes it's best to report them at the DAZ site - the more errors are reported the more likely they are to get them fixed. If anyone does find a convenient work around please do post here for others to see!