It'll be a happy weekend for Brycers - after a long wait, and lots of nay sayers insisting Bryce was dead and buried, Bryce is alive and definately kicking with the release of Bryce 7. Fans will be pleased to see that the program is still being developed.

One of the big changes is that Bryce is now available in three versions : PLE which is a free, licenced for non-commercial use version , Bryce 7 which is the same as the PLE version except it's licenced for commercial use. Both contain some new features, and finally the  Pro version, licenced for commercial use,  which has even more. Here's a summary of them:

Bryce 7:
  • Multiple Monitor support
  • Animation - Particle Emitter
  • Collada Meshes
  • FBX meshes
  • Import Sketch-Up models
  • Import Spore models
 Bryce 7  Pro:

       New features as listed above for Bryce PLE plus:
  • 4 new lights
  • True Ambience optimization
  • Influence (Include/Exclude)
  • IBL: light from inside
  • IBL: Cast shadows - softness, and intensity
  • IBL: Specular map
  • IBL: Background DOF
  • IBL: HDRI transaprency
  • IBL: Export Image
  • IBL: Tone map
  • Materials lab: Displacement maps
  • Rendering: True Ambience
  • Instance Lab
So Bryce has some great extra features in terms of lighting, IBL and the new Instance Lab.

The Daz Studio Bridge has also been updated - now you can open Daz Studio first and export to Bryce (and export back again to Daz Studio) or open Bryce first, bridge to Studio and import from Studio, or just export from Bryce to Daz Studio. And closing either the Bryce or Daz Studio window will not result in the closing of the other. The two programs stand more independently from each other.

There is still some tweaking I feel to do with Bryce 7, but the progress made in terms of new features is fantastic, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it will go in the future. I hope to present some basic tutorials to introduce you to some of these new features soon, so watch this space!

If you want to get the Pro version or upgrade from Bryce 6, now's the time to do it as Daz has a sale on. Don't miss it!!!!

Check out the Daz site for more details, and if you are a member check out the forums - there are some great video tutorials there giving you an overview of some of the new features (you can also find these on You Tube). To download the free Bryce PLE version visit the Bryce software page

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