Bryce 7 Pro is free!!

Yes folks, if you haven't heard yet DAZ 3d is making Bryce Pro 7 free for a limited period! This means if you only have the standard edition you can now get the Pro version and have access to all these features:
  • 4 new lights
  • True Ambience optimization
  • Influence (Include/Exclude)
  • IBL: light from inside
  • IBL: Cast shadows - softness, and intensity
  • IBL: Specular map
  • IBL: Background DOF
  • IBL: HDRI transaprency
  • IBL: Export Image
  • IBL: Tone map
  • Materials lab: Displacement maps
  • Rendering: True Ambience
  • Instance Lab
 DAZ is also making DAZ Studio 4 Pro and Hexagon 2.5 free too ( the combined total cost of all 3 softwares is about $800). The offer is only available until 29th February so hurry on over to DAZ3d and get your copy! (link below)

Bryce Pro 7 Free

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